Unraveling Dan Brown’s Secret Formula

If you are a Dan Brown’s fan for his detective and adventure novels, definitely you will see how he practice a single pattern he formulated.

Known for his character’s Robert Langdon, a symbologist who unravels controversial mysteries as he saves his life, Brown attracted so many followers who have praised and mocked him for his controversial claims.

His books about Langdon started in the Angels and Demons and took the public to notice how controversial he was in the Da Vinci Code, which was adopted in a movie. Christians lambasted Brown as his character Langdon claimed that Jesus has wife.

However, it is seems that Brown really into controversies, (as it improves sales), and countries sometime banned his books but it never affects him or the popularity of his books.

SO what were the secrets of Dan Brown’s successful detective and controversial stories?

  1. The “are-real” statements.


If you read Brown’s instalments, all of his books contain this on preface. Brown’s extensive use of real and concrete settings is second to none. Definitely these ‘are-real’ statements make his novels readable and easy to imagine.


  1. Robert Langdon

Consistency is the key why readers easily get grasped of the novels since they sport only one main character: Robert Langdon. Brown’s developed Langdon by continually exposing his strength and weaknesses in each book, which created interconnectivity among the series.

  1. A single pattern


If it is your first time to read any of his books, better start with Angels and Demons and up to Origins (his latest book).  The pattern is simple: Langdon is either summoned to a situation or already there by accident and try to solve a case at hand. He then bumps into a beautiful chick and boom, they solve it!


  1. Unraveling historical claims and controversies


While the plot progresses, mysteries that writers are afraid to talk to are then being scrutinized by Brown, therefore, he was really an author worth of looking up to. And by the way, he is a well-researched man!

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