Most Influential books of all time

Reading by far is combination of hobby and works. Since the invention of the printing press during the renaissance period, numerous books have been produced known to man. But still, there will always be some that withstand the test of time and change the course of history or influence the lives of many human being.

  1. Charles Darwin’ Origins of Species

Whether you came from apes or not, this book of Darwin sent a chilling shockwaves to many. Darwin exposed the idea of evolution even though it was already pre-introduced. It was Darwin that intensively researched and experimented on it.

The idea was never been an acceptable to society especially with the Catholicism, but scientific minds took it seriously until now it has been one of the textbook studies.

  1. Elements by Euclid

The book gave proof to the Pythagoras Theorem. Written in 300 BC, Euclid created a great sensation to modern Mathematics. Without this book, maybe, prime numbers will never be existing today.

  1. The Communist Manifesto by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx

The father of communist ideas that spread all around the world. This book paved way to the development of contrast ideas against democracy. Written by Karl Marx, they say that this book included in the communists curriculum and considered as their Bible.

  1. Comedies, Histories & Tragedies by William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare by far is the most studied and most popular romanticist’s writer of all time and his works until today. Who can’t remember the “all the world a stage”? Without this book, plays of classic Shakespeare will never epitomized today.

1.The Bible

The most and by far, printed and read book of all time. Since the spread of Christianity, The Bible has reached every corner of the world with the Apostles. Faith spread and the book demanded to be printed in gigantic numbers. Until now, this is the only book that requires reprinting all over again.