Great Benefits of Reading

This topic maybe a cliché but aside for improving your mind and adding knowledge, books actually changes a person’s lives and the world in general.


  1. Reading can change principle

How many times you heard someone changed because of books they have read? One big factor for it is the Bible. But aside from it, books are very influential especially people who seek for help (narcotic reading). Most of the game-changers in history were either aroused or driven by the book they have read and they decided to change the course of history.


  1. Reading can make you more employable

Yes! Reading can give you much information that you can impress your employer. A well-read individual will always have something to pull out of his or her sleeves when the situation calls for, let say like interviews.


  1. Reading improve writing

You cannot write without reading much. Why? Of course you won’t any have an idea what to write about or you will be shorten up with words and stuck upon the cliché you know. Before good writers and successful authors like J.K. Rowling and Tolkien came to the limelight, they have been fascinated to read C.S. Lewis and his sci-fi works. These pave way to their own works and harvesting the success they have got from reading.


  1. Reading can make you improve your decision-making and opinion

People who are never into reading have limited idea on what to do to something and will never consider others option and opinion. Believe me; you’ll never win a debate to someone who read a lot. People who lack reading are narrow-minded.


  1. Reading can make you success

Have you heard that CEO read up to 60 books a year? Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration but it is actually the right way to describe it. Successful people read a lot. They never stop because there will always something new to discover. Successful people love to learn new stuffs.